The Hybrid Life Of… Fran Silvestre

The minimalistic, sharp-lined, spacious icons of Spanish architect Fran Silvestre (45) are well-known around the globe. His studio rightly received a large number of international awards for its prestigious work. Projects stand out because of understated elegance, luxurious looks, and high-functional, innovative qualities. Exactly what inspires us at WAHTS.

In line with our SS22 Campaign, we spoke to the man behind the amazing location where we captured the collection. Who shares the universe and style we believe in. Time for a tête-à-tête with the celebrated Fran Silvestre. 

Fran Silvestre for WAHTS

In short

Name: Fran Silvestre
Company: Fran Silvestre Arquitectos
Profession: Ph.D. in Architecture
Hometown / Main residence: Valencia, Spain
Motto in life: Ren (Chinese philosophy)
Favourite WAHTS item: The JADES Comfort Trousers
Favourite song: Mozart - Requiem, Lacrimosa

Tell us, how have you been, and what are you up to at the moment?

‘Right now, the studio is growing internationally and we are working on larger-scale projects. We are carrying out projects in New York, Miami, China, opening ourselves to new markets and we find everything that is happening very interesting. On a personal level, I am very well, my daughter has recently turned three years and I am delighted.’

What would you describe as the key to your big success?

‘The key to the studio's success actually reminds me of something I always like to say: the secret is – there is no secret. We work hard and a lot, and we love what we do. We work hard to do things we like, and likewise because we like the things we do.’

We work hard and a lot, and we love what we do
What work are you most proud of?

‘Well, what I am most proud of, and what has brought us our success, is actually the team of people that make the studio – a team that always works together and is highly competent. We call it sintalidad. In the end, we've managed to generate this creative culture together. The human team that runs the studio, is 'the project' that encompasses the rest and allows us to develop and define all of our projects. Our organization itself created a climate where teamwork is the premise of everything, and where excellence in design is based on the integration of a network of professionals who share the pleasure of this work. A team of specialists in structure, acoustics, installations, graphic design, interior design, architects... With an atmosphere of shared creativity, capable of generating contagious motivation, taking care of the process, and excited about what is to come.’

At WAHTS we’re inspired by the creatives, athletes, and entrepreneurs living a hybrid lifestyle. From the studio to the construction site to the gym to the bar. How do you combine work with pleasure?

‘Work and pleasure are two issues that come together for me. Just as we do not know how to differentiate much between architecture and life, because for us it is practically the same.’

Work and pleasure are two issues that come together for me
What is your number #1 inspirational location in the world?

‘I wouldn't know which of all fascinating places to choose. From Meteora in Greece, to Pamukkale and Hiërapolis in Turkey, which I haven't been to yet but really want to. Also, the Uyuni Salt Flats... All places where we would love to do a project but in reality, they are most special without any architecture. In general, I prefer natural settings next to the water. We are very lucky to live by the Mediterranean Sea.’

Well, we definitely felt that at our SS22 Campaign location. You’re the mastermind behind the amazing House on the Cliff, in which we captured our collection. Could you tell us a bit about the inspiration and creation of this project?

The Casa del Acantilado, as we call it in Spanish, has undoubtedly been one of our greatest challenges. The owner wanted a house arranged on one floor, placed on steep terrain with a slope of 80%. The peculiarity of the place and the challenge posed by the client, made the result widely disseminated which was very important for the studio. Perhaps this great commitment to building a house in the air and walking on water, was what motivated us to pursue new increasingly demanding challenges. The part we like the most is the staircase, that transitions between one atmosphere and another.’

Fran Silvestre for WAHTS

What is the best advice you once got and now share with others?

‘An advice given to me by an architect that I admire a lot, Juan Domingo Santos. The simple fact that, for us, the most important thing is to do a good work of architecture.’

Which new plans excite you for the future?

‘Well, quite different things. Right now we are working with NIU Houses, which is a company dedicated to the systematization of architecture. Also with 37threeseven, which is architecture focused on luxury with very interesting locations such as the center of Madrid, Ibiza or Marbella.’

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