Life After Football Fashion Player '21

We've partnered with Life After Football this year, to sponsor their popular Fashion Player Award. Fans choose the year's most fashionable football player in the Netherlands. Nominees, who - in addition to their qualities on the field - have an outstanding sense of fashion and football culture.

For WAHTS this partnership is a cool match, since quite a few (former) football pros wear and love our brand. We're proud to be partners of this year's Fashion Player Award and showing you all epic players wearing WAHTS. 


Contesting 2021:

  • Jurriën Timber
  • Ruben Kluivert
  • Noah Fadiga
  • Ryan Babel
  • Kik Pierie
©Justine Leenarts. Jurriën Timber wearing WAHTS.
©Justine Leenarts. Ruben Kluivert wearing WAHTS.
©Justine Leenarts. Ryan Babel Timber wearing WAHTS.
©Justine Leenarts. Noah Fadiga wearing WAHTS.
©Justine Leenarts. Kik Pierie wearing WAHTS.

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