THE HYBRID LIFE OF… Thijs Boermans

With every new collection, we’re making space to catch up with some of our close ambassadors. The ones with whom we love to work so much. Thijs Boermans (26) is our friend from the first hour and with him are his talented family and unique group of friends. We’re happy to catch up with the young, ambitious, upcoming actor who inspires us with his contagious motivation and 24/7 mindset.

Thijs Boermans wearing WAHTS 

In short
Name: Thijs Boermans
Profession: Actor
Hometown: Amsterdam
Motto in life: Find your own path, on your own time.
Favourite WAHTS item: BOYD / PERKINS with matching MARSHALL jacket.

Where does your ambition as an actor and inspirator come from?

‘I’m from a filmmaking family. Our table talk was and is always about artistic projects. From these roots, I started acting in drama series and movies from a young age. Despite this though, I decided not to apply for drama school. To me, it seemed more valuable to go for economic studies. And yet I always kept playing during my time at university. One thing doesn’t have to exclude the other. That’s how I see it. And this is also how I’m approaching my next chapter now that I’ve finished my master’s. I’m not sure what’s coming, but that is what’s exciting.’

How do you manage to keep up with this versatile, hybrid way of living?
‘Routine works really well for me. Not the best match when it comes to the life of an upcoming actor, where you’re depending on projects coming on your path. But sports for example give me the structure that I need. I start the day gaining endorphins, whether that is through strength training, cardio, or yoga.’
Figure out your own interests, and don’t mirror yourself with people who’ve already chosen theirs

Who or what drives you most in life?

‘Creating things that satisfy me in a creative and commercial way. Ideas for a documentary, diving into a new part, and challenging myself to feel physically good, all contribute to staying happy. I would love to hop from project to project, but I’m not that privileged yet. So I have to keep disciplining myself to work on long-term goals, and that leads the way for me. Also, my family and friends are my motivation. My parents are so talented and I look up to them. And I have a group of unique friends with who I share a lot. They all differ but they make me complete. I think my loved ones made me who I am.’

What is the best advice that you once got and now share with others?
‘Don’t pay too much attention to how others live their lives. You’ll always feel social pressure and if you’re still searching for your own path, it can become quite oppressive when you are surrounded by passionate, motivated people. Try to figure out your own interests, and don’t mirror yourself with people who’ve already chosen theirs. Which doesn’t mean you can’t learn a lot from them, by the way.’

What are you currently reading/watching/listening to that inspires you?
‘I’m watching Better Call Saul. It takes a while to get to know all characters, but it’s worth the wait. I listen a lot to Hans Zimmer, doing whatever. Also during training. And I’ve started to read Sapiens, which I’m still processing since it feels like a lot of info. Very interesting info though.’

Is there a skill you'd like to learn?
‘I’d love to learn how to sing and dance and also I think it’s valuable to improve my German speaking. Both would be really interesting for future work.’

What are your new plans that excite you for the future?

‘I’m currently working on some exiting auditions, I’ve just launched a new podcast and I’m still contemplating how to fit in my economics master’s background in the film industry.’

Siesta, kalamata olives, and Greek salads
That’s what life is all about

If you could travel anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would you go and why?
‘I’d go straight to our family home in Stoupa, Greece. In the very south of Peloponessos. With light blue window frames, surrounded by mountains. A place where you can actually hear the silence. Looking out over the valley I actually find peace, especially because I’m used to busy Amsterdam. There is no hurry, no social pressure. Siesta, kalamata olives, and Greek salads. That’s what life is all about.’