The hybrid life of… Ron Simpson

When asking around who we definitely needed to speak with about their hybrid way of living and working, Ron Simpson’s name was mentioned a lot. And it’s true. As founder of the loved and successful The Avocado Show, masterclass company Skybox, talent- and branding agency 24K, ‘and a bunch of other cool stuff’, he is an inspirator of many and lives the ultimate spontaneous city lifestyle. We’re glad we got to have a chat with probably the most energetic creative entrepreneur in Amsterdam.

Ron Simpson x WAHTS

In short

Name: Ron Simpson
Profession: Entrepreneur
Hometown / Main residence: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Motto in life: You can speak anything into existence
Favourite WAHTS item: Those fly trainer pantalon pants; The HARPER
Favourite song: Today? Jimi Jules - My City's On Fire

First things first. Where does that contagious ambition as a 'serial entrepreneur and inspirator' come from?
‘Actually, I think it had a lot to do with the fact that I moved from Tel Aviv to Nieuwegein as a kid. My father is English and I spoke his language but no Dutch when we first got here, so I started to consume mainly US/UK content. As I couldn't find the stuff I’d see on tv or artists here, I started to look for ways to get it anyway. Importing my favourite music, fashion, and food to start with. This simply taught me that if you want something, you can make it happen yourself. From there on out, I decided to always go after the things I liked or loved. And if it wasn’t available, I would import, create or build it.

I was also kind of addicted to stories – from music, films, or by people I met. So I wanted to experience as many adventures as possible, to have some stories of my own to share. Nowadays it even feels like I attract adventure. Just the way I like it. That way I can share insights, knowledge, anecdotes, and stories to entertain and teach my friends. And they return that favour to me. It’s what we live for really.’
I am always working and I am always free. 
I go where my energy and my day take me
At WAHTS we're very inspired by the entrepreneurs, athletes, and creatives living a hybrid lifestyle. How do you manage to keep up with your versatile way of living?
‘I guess the fun thing about being a creative, is that I can take my talents anywhere without luggage. I only need my mind. That way I can flip from doing meetings in offices to lunches to museum visits or shooting hoops. I am always working and I am always free. I go where my energy and my day take me, on top of everything that is planned. I love that spontaneous city lifestyle. Don’t plan too much, just plan enough.’
If drive and excitement come naturally? Do it
What is your biggest motivation?
‘Time is my biggest nemesis and my biggest fear, but it is also my favourite thing in the world. A mind-blowing paradox. I love spending time and taking it slow when I am in good company, with people I love or like, or in a beautiful place for instance. But I am always reminded of the fact that we can’t reverse time, we don’t know how much we have or what’s to come. So my take is: figure out the value of time and act accordingly. If it makes you happy? Do it. If drive and excitement come naturally? Do it.

I also learned that for me to be happy, I need to make others happy. There is almost nothing I can do, say, buy or experience by myself that gives me a greater feeling than doing it for others. Don’t get me wrong, I have enough self-love and really enjoy being alone. I just enjoy making others happy more.’

What work are you most proud of, was the most challenging, or brought you the most success?
‘I’m the most proud of the work I do for young professionals, students, and others. I hope to teach, inspire and share the good things in life. The most challenging thing must be starting a company when nothing seems to come naturally and times are tough. But if you believe in it, you have to push on through. The most success has been brought to me by The Avocado Show adventure, together with Julien and Shawn. That is something else, hahaha…’
If you have a choice, just be better than a minute ago
Which small thing in your daily routine is essential to reach the bigger picture you’re going for?
‘The fact that if I have a choice, I always choose for better. Eat better food. Have more fun. Go the extra mile. Make it sustainable. Surprise someone. Be kinder. I sort of live in the -er zone. Meaning, it’s hard to achieve something absolute – like to be healthy, fit, rich, or kind. So I always aim to be kind-er, rich-er, healthi-er. If you have a choice, just be better than a minute ago.’

What are you currently reading/watching/listening to that inspires you?
‘I just read the Netflix book and it’s amazing. I also like to see what Anita Elberse is up to at Harvard, as she is my favourite rockstar professor. Also, I am following a design company called Visualize Value which blows my mind. Shoutout to Jack Butcher.’

Is there a skill you'd still like to learn?
‘I would love to be able to design. Simply to visualize my own thoughts. And if I could, I would never sleep again, hahaha…’

What are your new plans that excite you for the future?
‘I am working on a project to inspire 100.000 young professionals, for free. Can’t tell you too much yet, but it’s E X C I T I N G.’

If you could travel anywhere in the world tomorrow… Where would you go and why?

‘I’d go straight to Tokyo, the most inspiring place in the world. With my favourite cuisine too.’